Marine Surveyor Apprentice
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Internet Apprentice    These next few paragraphs are an introduction to the internet version of the Apprentice and should answer many of your questions. If you have other questions or would like to discuss any of your concerns, please give us a call. 1. How do I get started?   Getting started is probably the easiest step. Complete and submit the "Apprentice" application, pay the appropriate fees, receive your password, and then download study material and begin your first assignment.   2.  What do I do if I have a problem, or encounter things I do not understand?     The Apprentice is structured to avoid these problems, however, we are aware that some  folks  will have questions. For this reason, one of our professional surveyors is on call and ready to answer your questions every business day and most weekends. 3. How is the Apprentice structured?   The Apprentice s structured so that the average person with a marine background, who is interested in the Marine Surveyor trade can begin with us at a very basic level and progress to become a knowledgeable Marine Surveyor. The apprentice will actually perform surveys from day one, read material,  and submit his work via the internet for critique.   4. What preliminary training or experience do I need to take the Apprentice?   Any and all marine related experience or study is an asset and is essential to successful completion of the program.   5. How long does it take to finish the Apprentice program?   The time necessary to complete the study varies with the individual, typically four to six months.  Once you have completed the reference material, we are still on call if questions arise. It should be noted that a practicing professional Marine Surveyor is learning something new  with each job. Because of the constant technical advances in the marine industry, the professional marine surveyor and the Apprentice must be familiar with changes to technology for as long as they are in business.   6. What is the cost?   The cost is $4,000 which includes reference material, on line and telephone support.   7. What else do I need to complete the Apprentice and get started in business?   A small digital camera (Lens 24-140 MM), Windows compatible computer and color printer capable of producing the report. A multimeter, moisture meter, flash light, small hard rubber mallet. Membership in the ACMS, ABYC, and NFPA.