Marine Surveyor Apprentice
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Marine Surveyor Apprentice  “Hands On” in Rhode Island   The next few paragraphs are an introduction to the "Hands On Apprentice" and should answer many of your questions. If you have other questions or would like to discuss your concerns, please give us a call. 1. How do I get started?   Getting started is probably the easiest step.  Complete and submit the "Hands On Apprentice" application, place a call to Jim Cross regarding your qualifications and Marine experience. Visit Rhode Island for a final interview with staff before acceptance into the program. 2. How is the Apprentice  structured?   The Apprentice involves “in the field” activities and practice. A candidate who is interested in the Marine Surveyor trade, can begin with us and progress to become an entry level Marine Surveyor. The Apprentice usually takes four to six months of “hands on” activity, depending upon the time the apprentice can spend with the surveyor.   3. What preliminary training or experience do I need to be an apprentice?   Any and all marine related experience and study is an asset and a must. The daily activities are  comprehensive and will start with the basics and continue on from there. The “Hands On” Apprentice is tailored to meet an individuals needs.   4. What is the cost?   The cost of the program is $10,000. The cost of tools, equipment, and room and board are paid additionally by the apprentice.