Marine Surveyor Apprentice
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(On line) and (In the field) activities The Marine Surveyor Apprentice program offers an avenue to becoming a quality, well prepared, professional Marine Surveyor.  After  Successful completion of the program the Apprentice will be well prepared  for entry level Marine Surveyor work. The Internet Apprentice is a comprehensive program that includes hands on activities as well as completion of tasks that are conducted without the apprentice leaving his area. Program study material is accessible on the web site along with sample surveys and periodic tests. Much of the program is conducted in the field on actual vessels doing practice surveys which are supervised and critiqued by a Certified Marine Surveyor. There is no time limit for completion of this program. This program is designed to be user friendly to the candidate who is either working or not working. In other words you can make progress at your own pace. We also assist the Apprentice in getting started in the Marine Surveyor business by providing a web site, and various essentials to begin a new business. If you have questions and would like to discuss your situation, please reefer to our contact page for information or a telephone chat.